About us

Kyiv region is fantastic! It has everything for wonderful recreation. 

Historical and architectural landmarks, museums, natural landmarks and reserves, landscape parks, beaches, holiday camps, unconventional farms, and many other things to be discovered every day.

Everything that impresses, fascinates and inspires is, in fact, very close. And most importantly, in addition to the incredible landscapes, the travellers are in for a historical tour into the past — there is a unique opportunity for one to touch the history of Kyivan Rus and see the monuments preserved to this day.

And the most interesting is the fact that there are so many places, which are so diverse that such tours will be interesting for both adults and children. That is why Kyiv oblast is an ideal place for both recreation and growth.

Amazing landscapes of the village of Buky, the suspended bridge in Chmyrivka, farms and reserves on the borders of the oblast, mystical Chernobyl, extensive Mezhyhiria or Sakura Island Park in Volodarka.

Kyiv region has never left anyone indifferent. You’ll want to come back here as often as possible in search of colourful emotions and wonderful photos!