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A famous natural monument located in an ancient city of Bohuslav, founded in 1032 by Yaroslav the Wise.

The Granite Outcrop in Bohuslav, or so-called ‘Granite Pit,’ is an island of granite boulders, chaotically scattered between two distributaries of the Ros river. Scientists assume that the age of these boulders reaches 2 billion years. Red and grey granite rocks rise 10 to 12 meters high, forming a 1.5 km long canyon. Here you can admire picturesque river rapids, surrounding a deep pool, the very ‘Pit.’ Two more smaller pits are located nearby. One of them adjoins with a pedestrian suspension bridge, the Lovers’ Bridge, that offers an amazing view of the river and the canyon. There are multiple small waterfalls around, where you can enjoy a whirlpool bath.

With the total area of 4 hectares, the Granite Outcrop in Bohuslav was recognized a local geological monument in 1994, and included in the Bohuslavets Regional Landscape Park in 2010.

Locals believe that the Bohuslav Granite Outcrop has a special energy and call it a power spot.

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