Kyiv region is a tourist region

Kyiv region is fantastic! It has everything for wonderful recreation. 

Historical and architectural landmarks, museums, natural landmarks and reserves, landscape parks, beaches, holiday camps, unconventional farms, and many other things to be discovered every day.

Choose your direction

  • Bila Tserkva district

    Bila Tserkva raion is one of the most interesting raions in Kyiv oblast because it virtually has everything for the most demanding tourist.

    Here, one may find Arboretum Oleksandriia, Branicki Winter Palace, Babyny Kozy (Granny’s She-Goats) Farm, Castle Hill, Church of John the Baptist, Bila Tserkva’s wide market square, and plenty of incredible sights and natural landmarks.

    It perfectly combines ancient history and modern buildings. You will be impressed by diversity!

  • Boryspil district

    Boryspil raion attracts the most attention from tourists, because it is the one that receives the vast majority of foreigners and Ukrainians returning home.

    Ostrich and goat farms, historical museums, natural reserves, various parks, churches and cathedrals. Here, one can immerse in the history of the native land, visiting the historic sites of the raion. And nature strikes from the first sight.

  • Brovary district

    Brovary raion is a wonderful place for travel during holidays and recreation away from the big city. A variety of farms — from an ostrich farm to a banana farm producing exotic fruits, numerous museums, historical sites, water parks, churches. All of that will impress tourists of any age and will create unforgettable experience. This is the place you will want to return to — again and again!

  • Vyshhorod district

    Vyshhorod raion is an iconic historical and industrial centre of Ukraine. Vyshhorod’s recent history began with the construction of the Kyiv HPP here. Due to so called Kyiv Sea, most of local life is centred on the esplanade. People arrange picnics, swim, play sports and enjoy the scenery here.

    In addition, Vyshhorod raion boasts the Church of Saints Boris and Hlib, the Museum of Pottery, Sukholuchchia Hunting Reserve, 12 Months Zoo and many other interesting sites!

  • Bucha district

    Bucha raion invites tourists for an eventful journey. It is full of various attractions and parks where you can spend an unforgettable time and distract from urban life. Here you will find plenty of unique locations that are unrivaled throughout the world. Museums, parks, reserves, natural landmarks, squares. And that is only the beginning. We suggest that you study that raion by yourself.

  • Fastiv district

    If you want to go on an extremely eventful journey and see something new, visit Fastiv raion!

    Khoetsky Estate, Shyroka Krynytsia (Wide Well), Fastiv Dam, Arboretum Molodizhnyi, Carriage Museum, Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Perepiat Mound, Monument to the Tank, Mammoth Memorial and other places of interest invite you to come and see them in more detail.

    Wonderful recreation with loved ones or friends and good photos are guaranteed.

  • Obukhiv district

    Obukhiv raion’s second name is entertainment to suit any taste and fit any age.

    It is this particular area that saw all archaeological cultures that human civilisation in Ukraine had lived through.
    In the Obukhiv raion, one can see the Archaeological Museum, Park of Trypillian Culture, the Flooded Church, the Museum of Cossacks, the Clay Quarry, the Malyshko’s Museum Estate, the monastery, etc.

  • Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

    Чорнобильська зона відчуження, що розташована на півночі Київської області України, утворилась в результаті радіоактивного забруднення території після аварії на 4-му енергоблоці Чорнобильської АЕС 26 квітня 1986 р. 

    Її площа складає 36545 тис. га. Периметр її кордону сягає 223,5 км, з яких 34 км проходять по кордону з Білоруссю. Тут розташовано 76 населених пунктів, в тому числі міста Чорнобиль, Прип’ять та залізнична станція Янів, з яких було евакуйоване населення. 

    Понад 90 тис. жителів мальовничого Полісся назавжди залишили свої домівки. За минулі роки Зона стала об’єктом активного наукового дослідження представниками різних галузей знання, в тому числі й силами зарубіжних дослідників. 

Everything that impresses, fascinates and inspires is, in fact, very close. And most importantly, in addition to the incredible landscapes, the travellers are in for a historical tour into the past — there is a unique opportunity for one to touch the history of Kyivan Rus and see the monuments preserved to this day.

And the most interesting is the fact that there are so many places, which are so diverse that such tours will be interesting for both adults and children. That is why Kyiv oblast is an ideal place for both recreation and growth.

Amazing landscapes of the village of Buky, the suspended bridge in Chmyrivka, farms and reserves on the borders of the oblast, mystical Chernobyl, extensive Mezhyhiria or Sakura Island Park in Volodarka.

Kyiv region has never left anyone indifferent. You’ll want to come back here as often as possible in search of colourful emotions and wonderful photos!