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Obukhiv district

Obukhiv raion’s second name is entertainment to suit any taste and fit any age.

It is this particular area that saw all archaeological cultures that human civilisation in Ukraine had lived through.
In the Obukhiv raion, one can see the Archaeological Museum, Park of Trypillian Culture, the Flooded Church, the Museum of Cossacks, the Clay Quarry, the Malyshko’s Museum Estate, the monastery, etc.

What to see

Natural landmarks

Granite Outcrop in Bohuslav

48 Korsunska St, Boguslav

Natural landmarks
Natural landmarks

Tokhokha Mount. Medvyn.

Mount Totoha, Medvyn village


Kyiv Regional Museum of Archaeology. Trypillia

12 Heroes of Trypillya St, Trypillya village