19 Ivana Franka St, Novi Petrivtsi village

About the place

Starting February 2014, the former residence of the deposed President Viktor Yanukovych is open to visitors as a national park. This site, along with the nearby Transfiguration Monastery, has been an important religious centre since the times of Kyiv Rus. But the Monastery was demolished in 1935 by the Soviet regime, and an administrative residence was built in its place.

Today, this area of almost 140 hectares allows you to see all the fugitive president’s “achievements.” The heart of the park is the luxurious Honka Club House, overlooking the Sea of Kyiv. Next to it is a garage that stores 35 retro cars and 7 motorcycles. There is a real zoo on the site, where you can see ostriches, pheasants, antelopes, mouflon, donkeys, llamas, rare peacocks. The farmhouse is inhabited by cows, sheep, goats and various poultry. There are also geese, ducks and swans in the nearby ponds.

But that’s not all. Here you can relax by a cascade of man-made lakes and in gazebos, visit a salt cave or a sauna, see a bunker and a helipad, arranged by the former President.

Guided tours around the park are available, as well as bicycles and Segways for rent.

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