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In the early 1960s, when Kyiv water-power plant was built, simultaneously in the Vyshhorod village new buildings such as schools, kindergartens, residential buildings were erected.
Of course, in the new city of power engineers a recreation and leisure center also was built.
The complex of cultural objects is organically interconnected in the urban environment with the area named after Hryhory Strokov (1903-1995) - the head of the construction of the Kiev hydroelectric power station.
Hryhory Ivanovich was born in Peterhof. In the 50s and 60s of the 20th century he was one of the most experienced specialists in the construction of hydroelectric power stations in the USSR. Under his leadership, Volkhov water-power plant, Kremenchug water-power plant were built. In the early 1960's H. Strokov headed the construction of the Kiev hydroelectric power station, which gave an extraordinary impetus to the development of modern Vyshgorod. For the contribution to the development of domestic energy he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.
House of Culture "Energetik"
This house in the early 1990's became a culture house of the entire Vyshgorod district.
There are often concerts, festivals, educational studios for children and youth, and sports sections.
A monument to T. Shevchenko is installed on the square
In 1993, the local community established a monument in honor of Shevchenko’s visit of the ancient Vyshgorod and to commemorate the memory of the great Kobzar.
In June 1843 T. Shevchenko came from St. Petersburg to Kyiv with a travel document from the Academy of Arts. Together with M. Maximovich and P. Kulish, Taras Hryhorovich arrived in Vyshgorod and Mezhygirya. A few testimonies remain about his journey. In a letter to his friend Yakov Kukharenko of November 26, 1844, he wrote: "Yes, God, I do not know what is beginning and what to tell you. I was last year in Ukraine, I was in the Mezhigirsky Savior and in Khortytsia, everywhere I was, and I was crying: our Ukraine was falling apart. "
On the slope of the Vyshgorod hill, over the Dnieper, some of them leaned to the ground and lifted a fragment of an old Russian arrow tip. Everywhere along the way they found chests of ancient ceramic pots, scalded residues of ore alloys (they still occur on the territory of the ancient city).
From folklore and folk dumas, Shevchenko knew the legend that Fastiv’s Colonel Semen Paliy, who lived in Vyshgorod, lived there for his age. It was a really harsh man, and under a glass - a cheerful mood, he loved society, music, dancing.
Legends and tales about Paliy and the very spirit of Vyshgorod land inspired Shevchenko to write the poem "Chernets" (“The Monk”), which mentions Vyshgorod:
There is a monk in Vyshgorod
Look at Kyiv ...
But sit on the high ground
But at least have fun.
The monument to Taras Shevchenko in Vyshgorod city residents installed at their own expense. Reinforced concrete columns were made at the local plant ZBK, the fringe of Korostishyv granite for columns and pedestals was ordered in the local art studio. The bust of the young Shevchenko is a work of 1975 by sculptor Ivan Lipovka. The architect of the monument - Oleg Raspopin.
Decorative architecturally-sculptural composition with a fountain and four sculptures-images: the great Kiev prince Svyatoslav Igorevich (945-964), his unofficial wife Malusha and the great Kiev prince Volodymir Svyatoslavovich (979-1015) and one of his wives - Rogneda.
The architect and performer of the composition is Vasyl Klimyk.
This decorative and architectural composition for 42 years is an ornament of the city and today has become an important element for tourist excursions. It has a certain historical value, because it reflects with the help of artistic and sculptural images a very important period of national history - the beginning of the Old Russian statehood, when Vyshgorod was the residence of the great Kiev princes.

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